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ID number:771591
Published: 03.02.2021.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

All electrical wiring diagrams are shown, unless otherwise specified, with the airplane on the ground, after normal flight, with the shutdown checklist complete (power off).
Only external wiring is shown here, e.g. wires, connectors, splices... that are used to connect LRUs. Internal wiring of LRU is not shown here.
1. Collection of diagrams, drawings, and lists which define the electrical wiring and hookup of associated equipment installed on the listed Boeing airplanes;
2. Control of the various manufacturing and installation processes used for wiring the airplane;
3. Reference lines provide an exact position within the airplane to aide in locating equipment;
4. Edge view of vertical reference plane which divides the body, wing, nacelle etc., into sections;
5. The circuit breaker symbol, equipment designator, nomenclature and grid location, and diagram number of power source, are shown for circuits which are routed through connectors, splices and terminals;
6. The referenced diagrams contain the ground symbol and a reference to the diagram which depicts the complete ground circuit;
7. Contains airplane station arrangements, wire zones, major wire bundle pathways, panel and equipment shelf locations, circuit breaker panel charts, disconnect bracket charts and master bundle information;
8. The Circuit Breaker List reflects all the circuit breakers within an airplane and is derived from data contained in the Equipment List;
9. The Bracket List reflects all the disconnect brackets within an airplane and is derived from data contained in the Equipment List;
10. The Wire List reflects all the wire bundles within an airplane;
11. The Spare Wire List reflects all spare wires within the airplane;

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